Hello Lovely Readers, “90 degrees!” shouted the weatherman for Boston this weekend. Basically, predicting a hot and muggy concrete jungle. What are your too-hot-to-breathe activities? You can catch me staying in bed late w/my weekend reads then in an open windowed bar with the company of AC and FIFA.  Sunday maybe filling a cooler w/pounds

Summer’s growing up, I was pretty lucky. Pool, backyard, neighborhood friends and most importantly, my father’s cooking. Grilling was basically a staple in my home. Still is! And with Father’s Day in our rear-view, it’s safe to say we have crossed the starting line to a summer of cookouts. But, as we turn into adults

book to screen

Whether it’s before or after you take your trip to the theater, I defiantly suggest pairing your experience with its originator. Reading it before leaves you mesmerized, able to follow the story line without a question and enjoy the emotion alongside cinematography. Reading it after provides you with answers, details and a moment of a-ha!

Weekend Mandatory Reads

Welcome to your first dose of Weekend Mandatory Reading (hence the 1.0). The weather in Boston is on the verge of consistency with its daily promise of a shining sun, spaghetti strap temperatures and umbrella covered patios. But with that comes the heat, which IDK about all of you but can take a complete toll

blossom bar

It’s safe to say that across the bridge, in the land of Cambridge & Somerville, restaurants are held to a higher standard. I’m not just referring to the thoughts of critics, but to my own personal taste.  The food outside of the Greater Boston perimeter simply has more flavor, love & authenticity. I’m even going

I’ve been eager to write a review about SweetBitter since the moment I scrolled over its cover shinning through Emma Robert’s Instagram. (Sidenote: if you don’t take literature suggestions from Emma Robert’s Instagram you’re absolutely missing out) Stephanie Danler has this amazing talent of capturing a young woman in her twenties in a new city. It’s