Age of the Millennials: Introduction

Age of the Millennials: Introduction

Being an ambitious millennial can be so exhausting.

Graduate high school, get yourself a college education, gain some experience in different fields, fancy a couple not for profits, learn a little, get a full time job … then what? I’m twenty-two and I find myself surrounded by others my age that are basically talking over the universe at this point. Yet here, I find myself daydreaming with an open mouth full of baked snap peas.

I don’t think my small list of achievements is due to a lack of opportunity.  With thanks to my fellow millennials, this world we find ourselves in is filled with nonstop creativity and is fueled by a go-getter mentality.  But, maybe that’s my problem.  I’m overwhelmed by the excess of experience, and the drive of the creative minds that surround me.  I assumed it would be easy to just graduate and poof! be living the life I’ve always dreamed of.  But, reality, that bitch, has finally leaned over and whispered sweet nothings into my ear, “It ain’t that easy, Si.”

I want to make my peers proud.  Because, if we millennials are good at anything it’s grabbing a hold of our wildest dreams. What we’re even better at doing? Embracing and supporting each other for doing the same.

So, I find myself writing this love letter to those of you like me. Sitting pondering over your student debt and at your desks at 9am wondering “is this what I really wanted for myself?” – It’s not. Let’s go get what we wanted. Because we are far too young to give up on our dreams. And, we’re millennials for fucks sake. We were born to change the world.


This series, Age of the Millennials, will focus on the 18 to 30’something of us.  It will shine light on the big picture – how together we are creating a new world.  It’ll take a closer look into the lives of millennials – what inspires us? what have we changed so far? what influences the choices we make? We are the generation of change, creativity, innovation and open minds. We are living in a world where the media is a heavy influence, controversial issues are taking a bigger stand and small ideas are becoming brilliant realities.  And why is this happening? Because we are supporting each other.

I believe it’s time we embrace who we are, what we are and what we plan to do. Together. Do you?

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