HomeTown Artist: Warren Lotas

HomeTown Artist: Warren Lotas

Via his instagram, on Saturday Dec. 10th around 4pm, Boston native Warren Lotas made it clear that if you weren’t in Harvard square by 8pm then you weren’t getting any free merch.

Not only was it cold (I was literally ordering a hot chocolate as my boyfriend dictated the post) but it was dark and the meeting place was announced to be in the JFK park. However, a New England December night was not going to stop Lotas fans. About thirty people showed up by 9pm giving the first ten their pick of 1/10 free custom pieces. Three pairs of jeans, four t-shirts, a jean jacket, a leather jacket and a flannel.

Lotas speaks of his pieces exactly as they look.  They’re punk – each piece different and created from something that was once one thing and is now another. His persona is mirrored through his work – skeletons, naked woman – the essence of grunge. DIY custom painted pieces can’t be easy to create and maintain but somehow through his love for motorcycles and Grim Reapers he’s made himself a HomeTown Artist gone WorldWide Influencer.

Want to check him out?:





















































First Ten to Arrive

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  • BILL by Warren Lotas was created in your dorm room during your freshman year of college, do you have any advice for other young entrepreneurs like yourself?

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