Doing Something that Scares Me: An Ode to the Women of 2018

Chapter I

Often times I find it easy to take a step back from @siearra. “I don’t have time today. I’m too busy this week. I have other things to work on. My real job comes first.” Blah, blah, blah. There are millions of excuses and I find myself digging for every single one. And what for? To avoid doing something that scares me. To avoid failing at something that I’ve always wanted to do.

In honor of International Women’s Day this month, I’ve decided to put a stop to my nonsense. As I look around me, I notice all of the successful & happy women in my life. And no, I’m not talking about the Instagram Influencers or the focus the interview from this morning’s Newsette. I am talking about the women right in front of me. If my boss can create a brand that continues to grow rapidly and my best friends can take their hobbies and make a lifestyle out of it, then what is stopping me? These women are brave and courageous, taking a big leap with nothing in their hands but hope and a fabulous pair of shoes. These women are confident enough to be doing something that scares them.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, my shoes are on.  It’s time to tie a bow of hope around my wrist and never let go.

But, how to become the brightest star in a sea of sparkles? Great question. In today’s culture, it’s like everything is moving at a rapid pace and I’m struggling to stay above the water we call culture.

You can’t just have an idea, voice or influence these days. If you wanna talk the talk you seriously need to walk the walk. You need to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram – posting with reason and with rhythm. You need to provide interesting stories and always what you’re wearing or eating. Suddenly, you’re opinion on everything matters and you must report it to the world or else you’re not interesting enough.

What is even more wild is that there are women out there that are like amazing at this. It’s a second nature to them. And I’m over here desperately trying to figure out how to use my i-phone camera & photo editors to make my posts look like even a fraction of these women’s posts. *cries*

Ok, I may be being a tad dramatic. But, it’s all true! We are in a new age! And if we don’t hop on now, really start understanding, analyzing, noticing how trends are moving, we’re going to be left in the dust.

So, with this, I vow to understand, learn and try my best to make what it is I love heard and noticed. What is it I love? I can easily put the handful of things I love into two categories – things I do not do enough of & things I do a lot of. Things I do not do enough of include reading and writing. Things I do often – eat, cook, see live music and drink. And keep up on pop culture, but we can just categorize that in obsessed with.

@siearra is at the start of a new journey. And because I call this city of Boston my home, it’ll focus mainly on the eats, drinks & venues I adore here. I’ll be sharing my current reads and ask for yours. And, most importantly, I will be sharing the stories of not only my life but those around me. If what I love is to write then I am going to use that ability to take note of the talent around me.

Thanks for listening & welcome.


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