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Reads of the Month: Vacation Essentials

Welcome to your first edition of Reads of the Month.  From new releases, famous suggestions and classic must-reads.

I have to admit, I’ve been very behind on my personal collection of required reading. You know how people use that expression “eyes too big for your stomach.” Yeah, well my eyes are too wide for my time. I’m a loyal subscriber of Book of the Month  (I highly recommend by the way). But, I’ve had to take a step back for two months in a row because I couldn’t stand to see a book unopened on my nightstand any longer!

Luckily, I have a vacation in the horizon and with that I will find more than enough time to knock-out at least three on my list. And hopefully a killer tan.

reads of the month

The Rules of Magic, Alice Hoffman

If you are a huge fan of the movie Practical Magic featuring Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bulock, look no further. Alice Hoffman has recently come out with a prequel to the story of a family of witches. And yes, it does include two of your favorite characters.  It revolves around the hilarious elderly aunts, Jet & Francis. But not only them, their brother Vincent as well. If you are fascinated with the lives of women in witchcraft & fell into emotion with the family’s curse over love, then this read is most certainly for you. NPR called the novel a “page-turner” and claims it’s “twists and turns” are what keep you coming back for more. It may be time to break out the flower crowns and dance under the moonlight, the sisters are back and I’m nothing but excited.

Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977–2002), David Sedaris

This was an easy buy for me. It was more like a impulse buy. Yes, David Sedaris is highly responsible for my love of reading.  But, he’s most responsible for my addiction to autobiographical writing.  Especially through essays and short stories. The New York Times described Sedaris’ most current piece as his “path from struggle to success.”  Starting from 1977 and dating to 2002, the Diaries suggest a read that mirrors a “yearbook or collection of jokes.” And although Sedaris’ mentions in his foreword that he “doesn’t expect anyone to read it from start to finish,” I’m positive I won’t be able to put it down.

The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty

Looping back to Nicole Kidman and the past … well, not the too far past. Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies, is known to be a writer of “chick lit.” Not only am I a fan of the phrase, I loved Big Little Lies and its small empire that’s started to rise from the pages. The Husband’s Secret tells a tale of three women who come into each other’s lives based off of a crazy secret… sound familiar? Does to me, and I’m salivating at the mouth just thinking about it. Maybe Reese Witherspoon will take a crack at this one too?



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