The Truth Behind Your Coffee Order : Nutrition w/ Dom

The Truth Behind Your Coffee Order : Nutrition w/ Dom



Whether it be on a Sunday morning while reading the paper or helping you get through the work day, it is no doubt that coffee is a staple in many of our lives.  With so many people wondering, “Is coffee a habit I need to kick? Should I really be drinking this everyday?”

The fact is, it depends.  The effect of caffeine and coffee on your body varies by how you drink it and if you have any preexisting health issues.  If you’re drinking your coffee black, you’re in luck! Black coffee is low in calories and studies show drinking moderate amounts of it has no negative effects on health and is likely to be actually good for you. Your morning coffee could be helping you out during your workout, it’s actually been proven to be good for focus and athletic performance.

Basically, when it comes to black coffee, it’s looking good!

If your coffee habits include cream and sugar (think lattes, mocha, cappuccinos, frappuccinos or even just plain cream and sugar) you are bound to be adding unnecessary and unhealthy amounts of calories and saturated fats to your day.  This can lead to health problems such as weight gain.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but adding that cream and sugar is decreasing any opportunity for positive benefits from your coffee.

The amount of coffee you drink is also good to be aware of.  Coffee is not the enemy – cream and sugar may be a tad evil. But! there are health conscious ways to enjoy your cup of joe. Try swapping cream for healthier choices like low-fat milk or almond milk.  Try switching from sugar to all natural alternative sweetener like Stevia.  To mix it up, you can try adding spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom, extracts like vanilla, almond or coconut or even cocoa powder can add flavor to your coffee. Most people’s palettes adjust over time to less sweet coffee, so slowly decreasing the sweetness is a good strategy to take.

With using these healthy swaps for cream and sugar or deciding to drink your coffee black, you have nothing to worry about and can keep on enjoying that caffeine buzz! Checkout this interesting Gastropod Podcast episode if you want to hear more about coffee and caffeine:

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